3mm Heavy Gold-Plated Tungsten Ring Core Blank Channel Inlay

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3mm Heavy 14k Gold-Plated Tungsten Ring Core Blank Channel Inlay

This gorgeous ring blank is made of Tungsten metal and heavy gold-plated. We use a PVD vacuum coating process, providing a more durable wearing coating with superior scratch and corrosion resistance. A custom-made center channel groove is perfect for adding inlay material like crushed opal.

Note that while the PVD coating allows for better durability, you must still care for your jewelry to keep it looking brilliant.

  • Material: Tungsten with heavy 14k gold plating
  • Color: Gold
  • Ring: 3mm x 2.3mm
  • Channel: 2mm x 1.6mm
  • Fit: comfort domed
  • US standard whole and half-size ring blanks are available
Note: Measurements are close/approximate due to finishing and polishing procedures.

Customer Reviews

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Karluin by Karluin
NPS score:
NPS score:

It was nice to work with and the finish is gorgeous. I tried hard not to mar the finish on the sides of the channel, but even having lost the plating on top it’s still a gorgeous look.

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