Bulk crushed opal for inlay

Bulk Crushed Opal For Inlay - 10 Grams - Any Color

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Bulk Crushed Opal for Inlay - 10 Grams - Choose Your Colors

10 grams of bulk crushed opal in a 0.5mm - 2mm mix of fine powder to medium grit for inlay. Choose 10 colors from the chart (1 gram of each color will be shipped) in the drop-down lists above.

The opal in our store is pure and of the highest quality around. It is composed of 80% silica and 20% resin and guaranteed not to crack, craze, or yellow. Grown layer by layer, this cultured opal material provides the most consistent colors, durability, and quality, as well as the most striking display of colors. Applications of crushed opal:

  • ring inlays
  • pen inlays
  • urn inlays
  • craft inlays
  • necklace or pendant inlays
  • ring inlays
  • earring inlays
  • knife inlays
  • nail polish or art
  • stationary
  • furniture
  • mosaics
  • figurines
  • and more! The possibilities for this beautiful crushed opal are limitless.
Tip: If your DIY jewelry-making or other type of project requires a finder blend of crushed opal, you can take the amount you need and grind it finer with a mortar and pestle or even a coffee grinder.

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