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Heavenly Opal Slab Blank HO00

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Heavenly Opal slab #00

created by mixing silica and resin. It results in a non-directional wave pattern that looks. The patterns and sizes of the waves are inconsistent, therefore, every piece is unique. The color might be influenced by the level of the waves. These slabs are cut to accommodate ring inserts or your other jewelry-making needs. The color chart and pictures are for reference only.

  • Type: Loose Stone
  • Material: Silica and resin
  • Color: red, yellow, and orange tones
  • Thickness: 8mm +- 1cm
  • Width: 25mm +- 1cm
  • height: 25mm +- 1cm
  • Chemical Resistance: Methanol
  • Glass Compatibility: not glass compatible
  • Considered imitation opal
Note: All blanks are rough cuts, It is up to you to finish them mad make them into the beautiful jewelry they need to be. Some pieces might have a single rounded edge and rough edges. If you have a specific application or ring insert size needed. contact us so we can help select the appropriate +or - size.

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