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Welcome to Opal and Findings; my name Is Ken, and keep telling myself, what are you doing? Your plate is already full!  See, this is the 3rd website that I have opened. For all you know, Backlinks are essential. Well, here they are, the other two companies are www.cremationcreations.net and www.Cremationjewelers.com.
So my plates already full, I keep telling myself. I know why, but I have to keep moving forward and not stay stagnant and content with the status quo. With lots of products, it only seemed natural that I move forward in this direction. If the manufacturers provide me this ridiculous MOQ (minimum order quantities), I have to figure a way not to be stuck with so much. So, it was inevitable that this would happen, but too much from the manufacturers directly and selling the items wholesale.
The great thing is that it has given me the opportunity to make many new friends and acquaintances. I can say that a lot of them will be lifelong ones. That in its self is very much worth it.

So about Opal and Findings. Opal and findings is an online store dedicated to other jewelry makers, sell a vast selection of ring cores from standard steel to exotic wood ring cores. Opal and Findings is the only supplier to maintain every color of synthetic opals in the united states. Every day we are adding new items. Check-in with us every once in a while as you never know what we will carry fun and crazy wise.







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