Bulk Ring Core Blanks - 4mm - 5 Pack - Opal And Findings

Bulk Ring Core Blanks - 4mm - 5 Pack

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Bulk 4mm Pack - Stainless Steel Ring Core Blanks are pre-polished and ready-to-use for inlay with any DIY ring making project.  We also offer multiple options including Damascus, Stainless Steel, white and black ceramic, wood, Titanium, split-core, silver, gold, and other various metals and man-made materials. This is an excellent option for creating your custom wedding ring vision or a simple DIY ring. Our stainless steel is made from 316l Medical grade stainless steel and is also a hypoallergenic material, meaning this Ring Core Blank is non-toxic to the human body and is commonly used is used in the medical industry. So rest assured no green fingers here.
4 mm Width
2 mm Channel
2.5 mm for the overall height 
Perfect for inlays!