Heavenly Opal Slab Blank HO50

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Heavenly Opal Slab #50

Created by mixing silica and resin. It results in a non-directional wave pattern that looks. The patterns and sizes of the waves are inconsistent; therefore, every piece is unique. The color might be influenced by the level of the waves. These slabs are cut to accommodate ring inserts or your other jewelry-making needs. The color chart and pictures are for reference only.

  • Type: Loose Stone
  • Material: Silica and resin
  • Color: light and dark blue tones
  • Thickness: 8mm +- 1cm
  • Width: 25mm +- 1cm
  • height: 25mm +- 1cm
  • Chemical Resistance: Methanol
  • Glass Compatibility: not glass compatible
  • Considered imitation opal
Note: All blanks are rough cuts, it is up to you to finish them mad make them into the beautiful jewelry they need to be. Some pieces might have a single rounded edge and rough edges

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